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How to transfer your files from Cochin MMD to Mumbai MMD

How to transfer your files from Cochin MMD to Mumbai MMD

This procedure is almost same for transfer of files from one MMD to another MMD. I have done my files transfer from Cochin MMD to Mumbai MMD and the following is the correct procedure to do so.

  1. For freshers Visit MMD one day, probably choose it to be start of a week so that you have ample time for follow ups.
  2. Write a letter addressed to, THE PRINCIPAL OFFICER, MMD, Cochin. ‘From address’ should be your residence’s address so that they will send you the copy of transfer letter attested by the surveyor to you through India post.
  3. The form should be completed and signed by you and submitted to Mr. Sri Kumar. (administration section in ground floor)
  4. After submitting your transafer application,  go to Engine section and get all your files and EXN-45. Please note after collecting your complete set of files and docs, only the transfer will be initiated.
  5. For repeater’s transfer will process your transfer letter after your results were officially published on the DGSHIPPING website.
  6. Once your Form-15 is transferred You will be receiving a copy of transfer letter by postal.

Note: Now, this is end of the process in the MMD where you are transferring from. Just in case to be on the safer side, take a copy of the file contents like Form -15 or anything else you think is worth taking a copy. Remember, only your Form-15 will be sent to MMD, Mumbai, other documents will most probably be kept in MMD, Cochin .

  1. Now you will be told to contact MMD, Mumbai after  about 1 week. So book your tickets in advance or plan your trip and stay in mumbai to a date, a week later from today.
  2. Now, Welcome to MMD, Mumbai. Visit the MMD during early working hours and visit the counter personnel and inform them that you have transferred your file from MMD, Cochin and you would like to apply for your exam.
  3. Your Form-15 will be located and given to you, and you will have to create a new file, so prepare a file with all documents as required by the MMD, Mumbai.
  4. To know the date for applying for class IV in Mumbai MMD, visit mmd Mumbai website. Repeater’s can submit your file and ask them to change the exam center to your MMD, Mumbai in epariksha.
  5. That’s it you are ready to go from there and book your exam through EPARIKSHA.

To know about other MMD procedures please visit, ‘MMD Procedure‘ Section in



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  1. Bhanu says:

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    After changing the center from mumbai,how we going to request the change exam center in e pariksha site,
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    1. Ramakrishna Polaki says:

      Pls give me a call at 09849313668 as i have some doubt abt transfer.

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    Transfer letter submitted last week.but till now i didn’t get copy of transfer letter by many days it ll take

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      Pls give me a call I have some doubts abt transferring my centre.09849313668


    Good morning sir, I want to transfer my file Mumbai mmd to Chennai mmd.Online procedure is there.

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      Even I want to transfer my file online
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