Dry Docking and Repairs Administration

Planning | Preparation | Execution

About us

We at Dieselship offer a dedicated and qualified staff of former chief engineers, shipyard production engineers, coating inspectors, certified steel inspectors, and electrical inspectors to ensure a safe and economical dry docking of their vessels.

Drydock Administration Advantages

  • The management of the entire drydock under one point of contact
  • Take off the workload from the ship superintendent engineers and manager, so that they can concentrate on a broader perspective of the drydocking operation
  • Bringing in the best expertise from our core team of specialists
  • A full range of services including conception of drydocking jobs, execution of drydocking, obtaining documents, removing old components, adding new components, and measuring completion of jobs and quality
  • CAD services, including floor plans and line drawings, are provided in compliance with statutory requirements by the Dieselship’s CAD services team
  • Prepare the final report in a format that can be accommodated in the ship-specific planned maintenance system

Here's how we do it


• Participate in drydock conception meetings with the company’s leadership
• Participate in compliance meetings as the representative of the client while discussing the requirements with class and flag representatives.
• Develop a job scope
• Compare various quotes, analyse & prepare a report to assist management in deciding which vendor to award the project to.
• Receive the quotations and the job scope from the vendor selected for the job, confirm the scope with the shipboard leadership and establish a deadline for the vendors.
• Specialist service with respect to statutory perspective.

While Dry-docking is underway

• Ensure that your company’s leadership is up-to-date on the work in progress.
• capturing Images of work in various stages such as photographs and videos.
• Make sure the project in progress follows the GANTT chart closely
• Be sure statutory requirements are being met at all stages to prevent last-minute surprises.

Post completion of dry-docking

• Using the collected data, compile our own reports with appropriate images, videographs, and other critical information.
• Prepare a report that can be integrated into the ship’s specific planned maintenance system.
• Receive vendor/yard reports and sort them for addition to the PMS system.To provide the client company with a complete data log and database of the drydocking project.

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