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About us

Dieselship CAD Works (DSC) offers marine drawing services for re-designing or re-constructing ship decks, whether to re-build a ship from the ground up using old ship blueprints, or to improve existing designs with retrofits and enhancements.

Our ship deck design engineers and drafters have been doing it for individuals to shipping businesses for years, designing best-in-class, sturdy, and aesthetic ship decks with adequate electrical and plumbing networks.

The DSC team can build upon existing plans, provide responsive plans and adjustments as needed, and deploy the most up-to-date technology and software for your project requirements.

Reach out to Dieselship CAD works and our engineers will walk you through the entire process to get started.

What we offer

  • New ship plan design and drafting
  • Ship plan digitization
  • Converting paper designs into CAD format
  • Converting PDF images into editable CAD format
  • Ship HVAC design
  • Ship electrical design
  • Ship marine technical drawings
  • Ship engine room system & layout
  • Ship engine room piping system
  • Ships systems such as ballast system, Bilge system, Fuel system, Potable water system etc Drafting and modification.

Dieselship CAD Works (DSC) keeps its marine CAD and marine engineering drafting services up to date by staying current with current CAD softwares and all of the capabilities of CAD tools.

For example, our team can provide the following services.

1. Ship Deck Plan Design Drafting & Modification

Are you retrofitting a system to comply with the latest statutory amendments, such as SOLAS | MARPOL | and other IMO instruments?

Dieselship’s team of maritime experts with specialized certification in Maritime codes and conventions can assess your existing ship plan, prepare and propose retrofitting ideas to comply with the new requirement while remaining compliant with other existing systems.

2. Existing ship deck design enhancement services

Your vessel may have undergone numerous modifications, including the relocation of machinery and the refit/retrofit of new equipment! However, failing to update the deck plan could result in your vessel falling out of compliance.

Dieselship can help you with any such modifications, whether it’s a minor tweak or a complete modification.

3. Technical system Drawing

We can help you with your technical drawings in a variety of ways, including manually tracing the existing plan with our field engineers or converting your existing CAD, PDF, or paper-based drawings into well-organized editable CAD formats.

4. Animated Drawing

We specialize in developing animated drawings that can be used to simulate real-time system operation.

Is there a leak somewhere in your system? Do you want to stop the leak to reduce the amount of money lost and other negative consequences of flooding?

Simply simulate closing various valves to halt the leak while being informed of any loss of pressure, flow, or supply as a result of such closure.

Why should you choose Dieselship CAD works?

Team Handled by Marine Chief engineers

The entire drafting team is led by marine chief engineers with substantial ship-specific knowledge and ship-operations skills.

Compliance requirements

Our project managers are certified by various classification societies on maritime codes and conventions. By default, all drafting solutions are compliance reviewed and tested at no additional expense.

Maritime specific company

Because we only serve the maritime community, we are intimately familiar with marine systems and maritime affairs.

Tools and Technology

Our two decades of experience in the maritime industry has enabled us to develop our own marine-specific technologies that are tailored to ships and ship-specific procedures.
We prefer to use our own tools, which are tailored for ship-specific tasks, rather than employing general, cross-industry technologies.