• Classic design for seafarers for safe handling.
  • Portable, handy and washable.
  • Makes your travel safe, convenient and wonderful.
  • Make your travel in a highly organized manner!
  • Available Colors: Black & Brown




Indian passport cover brings to you a passport cover designed especially for seafarers, those travel frequently and use it frequently. This P.U. based passport cover will keep your passport safe and organized.

This passport cover is easy-to-carry. It will keep your passport in a safe and organized manner. This attractive design will give an attractive look to your valuable.

Material and Design

This passport holder is a Black / Brown leather passport cover and card holder. It carries elegant and sophisticated designs for fashionable people. You can securely keep the passport with your necessary cards and ID cards.

Other Features

Our passport holder is essential for seafarer who travel a lot and handle passport frequently for various travel & MMD documentation purposes. With this case you can keep your passport safe and sound.

Importance of passport

For a seafarer passport is the foremost important document that keeps one going without getting stranded in a foreign country. Passport with defaced data inside is also considered dangerous like a coffee spill, juice or water spill etc.

Additional information

Passport cover colour

Black, Brown


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