Check exterior of drums for sign of tube roll, leakage, corrosion, soot erosion and overheating.
Condition of outside drum insulation.
Drum seals for signs of air leakage.
Inspect drum support for cracks and expansion clearance.
Check all the blow-down connection for expansion and flexibility of support.
Inspect all piping and valves for leaks.
Visually check water wall tubes and fins for cracks.
Check exterior of all tubes for corrosion, carbon-build up, erosion, blisters and sagging.
Inspect tubes at soot blower for sign of steam impingement.
Check header seals for signs of air leakage.
Examine exterior of headers for corrosion, erosion, thermal cracking and condition of insulation.
Condition of refractory.
Around the burner assembly check refractory, tube condition and accumulation of soot or carbon.
Check soot blowers for distortion, worn bearings, rubbing of tubes, condition of nozzle cracks, freedom of movement and effective lubrication.

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