MEO Class II Orals Exam Guide Kit

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Thistle Kit consists of 3 books.


Oral Exam Guide Kit

This Kit consists of 3 books. Volume – I, Volume – II, Volume – III

Book #1

– This book contains bullet-ed points of various important topics covered.  These topics are extracted based on the most frequently asked questions from all FOUR Major MMDs.

– This book will prove to be very handy for hand carrying on the day of Exam.

– Topics covered are indexed with headings and corresponding page number that makes your maneuvering through the book very easy and save a lot of time.

– Each topic is marked with a folder name of the E-Copy of materials which will be supplied with this kit as supplementary.

Book #2 – Real time questions book

– This book consists of real time questions that are listed as per MMD, Date, Surveyor and Function name.

– These real time questions are asked to candidates in the past by various examiners. Such questions are collected from various Social Networking Groups.

– This book gives you an idea of questions that are being asked.

Book #3- Simplified Conventions.

– This is a simplified version of all conventions like MARPOL, SOLAS & LSA, FSS codes etc

– The content given are the simplified version that is required for Marine Engineers during their exam preparation.

– This content saves your precious time and effort by avoiding various pointers that are present in the Actual Conventions.