E-Copy : MEO Class 2 Exam Guide Bundle – JUNE 2019 Updated

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MEO Class 2 Exam Guide Bundle

What does this bundle consist of?

1. Questions & Answers set ( EKG, EKM, MEP, MET, NAVAL, SSEP)

  • Solved answers for all questions for the last 7 years starting from the most recent month.
  • Clear, hand drawn exam specific diagrams.
  • Answers are compiled on exam point of view.
  • Customized to suit MMD specific exams.
  • 5 Years of experience in guide making and publishing.
  • Answers are compiled by industry experts, which are again reviewed and customized by our content team which has more than 5 years of experience in MMD specific exams.

2. Oral Exam Guide Kit

This Kit consists of 2 Printed books and 1 PDF.

Book #1 – Oral Exam Q&A

– This book contains bullet-ed points of various important topics covered.  Topics are extracted based on the most frequently asked questions from all FOUR Major MMDs.

– This book will prove to be very handy for hand carrying on the day of Exam.

– Topics covered are indexed with headings and corresponding page number that makes your maneuvering through the book very easy and save a lot of time.

Book #2 – Simplified Conventions.

– This is a simplified version of all conventions like MARPOL, SOLAS & LSA, FSS codes etc

– The content given are the simplified version that is required for Marine Engineers during their exam preparation.

– This content saves your precious time and effort by avoiding various pointers that are present in the Actual Conventions.

PDF – Real time questions book

– This PDF consists of real time questions that are listed as per MMD, Date, Surveyor and Function name.

– These real time questions are asked to candidates in the past by various examiners. Such questions are collected from various Social Networking Groups.

– This PDF gives you an idea of questions that are being asked.

3. Questions Bank

  • Set of question papers of all subjects (Year 2011 – 2019)
  • This is an additional book to give you an idea of the question pattern over 5 years and also help you judge the pattern over the last few months.


  • Please note, We are constantly in the process of adding answers to all the new questions. However, due to large number of new questions appearance in the last 10 serials we are unable to complete very few of them. However, you may contact us anytime for missing answers.