Q2: Differential between prohibited area and restricted area

Prohibited area: are where no trespassing is allowed and trespassers are liable to be prosecuted.

Restricted area: area where entry is subjected to identification of the concerned personnel.


Q4: What is PSSA (particular sensitive sea area) and what is the difference between special areas?

PSSA is an area, which needs special protection through action by IMO because of its significance for recognized ecological, or socio economic or scientific reasons and which may be vulnerable to damage by international maritime activities E.g.; Great Barrier Reef

SPECIAL AREA means a sea area where for recognized technical reasons in relation to its oceanographically and ecological conditions and to the particular character of its traffic the adoption of special mandatory methods for the prevention of sea pollution by oil, NLS, garbage, sewage, air, and hazardous substances in packed form. E.g. Baltic sea

PSSA can be protected by ships routing measures such as an area to be avoided, an area with in defined limits in which either navigation is particularly hazardous or it is exceptionally important to avoid causality and which should be avoided by all ships or by certain classes of ships.

Whereas in special area no special navigational limitations exists and required discharge criterions laid down as per MARPOL annexes are to be met while enroot.

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